monday november 20

today i ate dinner downtown. after i finished, i went to the bus stop to take the bus to class. while standing at the bus stop, i noticed that a giant but bizarrely stubborn piece of sandwich had lodged itself in between two of my bottom teeth. i worked at it with my tongue for a while (at the bus stop, on the bus, walking to class, etc.) but it just would not come out! upon arriving at the ucc, i decided to go to the bathroom so i could work the fingers without the public embarrassment of digging around in my mouth like a caveperson. when i got there though, there were three dudes around and i still had no privacy! so i went to class and worked the tongue pretty hard for another 50 minutes, to no avail. after cursing myself for not carrying around a piece of floss with me at all times, i bolted for the bathroom once again at the break. this time i had it to myself and went to town with the fingers, eventually prevailing and proving man's superiority to food, once and for all. it was a harrowing hour and a half, but spitting that piece of sandwich into the sink was the best moment of my week so far.

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Tammy said...

that was pretty much the grossest entry ever.