thursday november 30

today i passed a guy in talbot college who was poring over some sort of paper whose title, printed in large type on the front page, ended: "ain't shit." his hand was covering the first part of the title, preventing me from seeing the whole thing. and i have no idea if this was an essay, some other form of assignment, or perhaps even a rough copy of a screenplay! but imagine the possibilities if this was indeed an essay for, say, a shakespeare class. possibilities for titles and corresponding essay topics:

1. "bitches ain't shit" -- most obvious title, of the same name as the classic dr. dre track. this would obviously be an essay discussing gender roles in taming of the shrew.
2. "witches ain't shit" -- an essay arguing against the importance of the witches' role in macbeth.
3. "twitches ain't shit" -- an essay arguing that lady macbeth's eventual craziness does not diminish the importance of her role in macbeth.
4. "switches ain't shit" -- an essay arguing that the wildly varying subjects and objects of love in a midsummer night's dream do not diminish the play's impact as an affecting romantic comedy



Tammy said...

did you see that the covered up word ended in "itches" or is it just a coincidence that all your suggestions end in that?

also, poring? come on!

luke said...

'bitches ain't shit' is the original, and parodies are only funny if they rhyme. proven scientific fact.