tuesday november 14

today i decided to get back into prince after hearing "i wanna be your lover" in a movie. i missed prince. listening to him made me want to have a prince dance party. then i thought that it would be even better if i took the idea a step further and made it a full-fledged royalty party. costumes required. you wouldn't have to dress as royalty per se. you could get creative. like, anything from queen latifah to queen victoria to rodney king to king kong to princess superstar to princess peach would be acceptable. the more creative, the better. and the soundtrack would be all prince, of course, highlighted by "baby i'm a star," "i could never take the place of your man," and "i wanna be your lover." "purple rain" would be the slow-jam finale. there would need to be a lot of crowns. a lot of crowns.

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