sunday january 7

today i listened to eve 6's "inside out" for the first time in a long while. as i sung along to pretty much all the lyrics, i realized two important things:

1. i want to have, or at least attend, a party that only plays popular 90s rock songs, like "sex and candy" and "semi-charmed life." i could even stomach "tubthumpin,'" maybe.
2. "i would choke on the rinds" is an awfully weird line.


erin said...

i love that album so much. im pretty sure i know every single word to every song. fuck early 90s party!!! let's have an EVE 6 ONLY PARTY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i have to disagree......90's party is ON.....just have to figure a date for it.......hrmmmmmm

- lex (alex helwig to you i suppose)