wednesday february 7

today i today i today i experienced a bit of a breakdown, not the good kind like with instruments but more like mental. it's okay though it's okay!! i'm just taking a communication vacation!!

today i also listened to the new maximo park single for the 72nd time in 72 hours since downloading it (unrelated to breakdown). or maybe not quite such pretty numbers but close enough probably!

two things i did today, i'll show you shark-jumping, assholes!!


Tammy said...

ugh, not cool, not cool

Meg said...

Communication breakdown as in I have to stop texting you, and can't call you?

Please let me, we have some serious chatting to do!

Miss you! <3

Tammy said...

yo why does your facebook say "NOT RIGHT NOW"? deleted it? not accepting new friends? what's the deal?!

luke said...


JDK said...

Reverse shark-jump! Mind blown!

JDK said...

Don't break down Luke! The internet still loves you.

Tammy said...

are you taking a break from MSN too? i haven't seen you on in a bit, so i'll write my message here.


I have recently become fascinated with the pizza hut commercials for the pizza with the dipping bits for a crust. "these bites are made for poppin"

Anyways wanna come over some night this weekend and order one? $11.99 for a large!

Tammy said...

ps. I reallllly wanted to have an OC finale party (of 2) but I realized I'm leaving for cancun that day. So I propose a pentultimate bash on the 15th.