sunday april 29

today i was walking down waterloo street when i was stopped by two young girls - approximately seven years old - who were selling lemonade and asked me if i'd like to buy any for 75 cents. regrettably, i'd spent my last $1.75 in sizable change earlier in the day on a 'peach passion' beverage and only had an assortment of pennies, nickels and dimes that did not amount to 75 cents! as i struggled to attempt to explain this to the more vocal of the two girls, the other one announced that it didn't matter, they were out of lemonade anyway! before i continued on my way down the street, they teased me about maybe getting "a couple drops" and generally proved themselves more witty and socially apt than me.

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Stuart A. Thompson said...

These girls accosted me the very same. But I bought their lemonade. As I drank it I realized they were using Styrofoam cups. They were gone before I could attack them for destroying my planet. So I guess you can be glad that you didn't support them!