thursday june 28

today i went to shave my face and discovered that my electric razor had died -- though it was charged, nothing happened when i turned the switch to 'on'! this led me to wondering if i'd be lazy enough about the process of fixing this one or acquiring a new one to find out if i could actually grow a beard or not.

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JDK said...

I highly recommend the beard-growing experience. For years I thought I was genetically unable to do such, but after a very long stretch of don't-need-to-shave unemployment/social withdrawal, I found out that I CAN grow a beard.

It does, however, takes three months. And during the first month, the beard-in-progress looks like something a thirteen-year-old would sport.

Given I got rid of the beard/scruffy hair combo because of a recent job interview, I am now back on that long road toward restoring my hipster/mountain man appearance. I'm three weeks in, nine left to go. For the beard, at least. The hair will probably take a year.