friday august 10

today i dreamed that i was sitting at the bottom of a large incline, not unlike uc hill at western, but steeper. i was enjoying lunch with a couple friends when all of the sudden i noticed a group of people careening down the hill (it was icy). we were sitting against a wall and i knew that, at the speed they were coming, if i let them go, they'd crash headfirst into the wall and probably die or be paralyzed!! since they were all in close proximity and i have forearms like tree trunks (my dream okay?), i was able to singlehandedly grab them and bring them to a stop before they hit the wall. in the aftermath, i turned to one of my lunch buddies and commented, "that's 'one thing i did today,'" proving that i cannot even escape this blog in my dreams. all day i hoped that something would top it, but nothing did.

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luke said...

i don't mean to sound bitter with the 'escape' line, i love this blog. especially when people compliment me on it at bars. keep doing that.