wednesday august 15

today i excitedly finished downloading, and watched, the first episode of a new season of weeds. i'd been waiting for weeks for august 13, the date of the season premiere. after i finished watching it, however, i discussed it briefly with a friend who informed that not only was the first episode available, but the first four episodes of the season had leaked online, not just this week, but weeks ago. my range of emotions upon finding out this information included: excitement that i'd get to immediately watch three more episodes; annoyance that i could have watched them for weeks and didn't know it; relief that i didn't know this fact and got to experience the build-up of anticipation, always an enjoyable experience; and regret that as these advance episodes aired one by one over the next few weeks, i'd have nothing new to watch unless more leaked before they aired. it all left me very confused and unsure of how i felt about the situation.

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