wednesday september 26

today i was on the 17-oxford west bus, just entering byron on my way home, when a girl sitting nearby asked me if we were approaching richmond street soon. struggling slightly to keep a straight face, i told her that richmond was, in fact, where i'd gotten on the bus, about 15 minutes back, and informed her how long it would take for the bus to arrive back at richmond heading in the other direction. i feel that my knowledge of the london streets is fairly extensive, and often, when asked for direction, i fail to properly show this off, and will think later of what i should have told the inquirer instead. in this case, however, i was thorough, specific, and, overall, very helpful. so when i got off at my stop a couple minutes later and cheerily said "good luck!" i was slightly perturbed by her uninterested and fairly ungrateful reply of: "yeah."


caltrav said...


tammy said...

well she couldn't have been excited about her gaffe

luke said...

you'd have had to have been there to see the vibe. she barely seemed surprised or concerned about the fact that she'd missed her stop by so much! just mildly annoyed, but generally disinterested.