tuesday october 30

today i left an in-class essay slightly prematurely because i wanted to use the bus transfer that i acquired on the way to school on the way home as well, to avoid using a second bus ticket. the transfer's cutoff time was 4:45 pm. i successfully caught one bus, but the second one, which arrived at the transfer stop at 4:43, came two minutes early, leaving me to waste 20 minutes and a ticket, settling for the next one.


monday october 29

today i neglected to bring anything to eat for lunch to work. it was very early in the morning and i was running late and i figured that i could probably get away with skipping a meal; billions of people do it every day! many by choice! upon arriving to work and knowing that i had nothing to fall back on, however, i began thinking about food incessantly. by the time the clock had hit a mere 10:30 am, my stomach was racked with hunger pains, despite the fact that i usually haven't eaten breakfast at this hour, let alone lunch.

sunday october 28

today i spent upwards of two minutes thinking that there were 355 days in a year, when i noticed that my blog had 348 entries and was baffled at how i could be having my one year anniversary in only a week.


saturday october 27

today i jokingly suggested that for halloween i should set myself on fire and go as southern california, to which my brother replied: "i don't know about you sometimes."


friday october 26

today i was prompted to play my first online poker tournament in a while, after rereading a section or two of harrington on hold 'em (volume ii). i entered a tournament of 40 players and promptly placed first. reading teaches you things!


thursday october 25

today i sang "bohemian rhapsody" a cappella with a group of friends in an otherwise empty bar.


wednesday october 24

today i was about to get onto a bus holding my lone remaining bus ticket. as i stepped onto the bus, i thought about how unfortunate and embarrassing it would be if a gust of wind blew the ticket out of my hand and along the road -- with no change to spare and no extra ticket, i'd have to chase it! immediately after i thought this, my hand bumped against the side of the bus, knocking the ticket out of my hand and onto the bus floor. mortified at the possibility of the aforementioned scenario playing out, i quickly reached down and snatched it. in my rush, however, i didn't secure the ticket in my hand adequately, and as i went to put it in the ticket box, it fell out of my hand again. this prompted the bus driver to laugh and remark: "it just won't stay in your hand!!" while would-be passengers waited behind me to enter the bus.

tuesday october 23

today i sat for an hour in a booth in the ucc for 'purple shorts,' western's festival of one-act plays in which i'm participating. the goal of the booth-sitters was to inform inquisitive passersby about the event, but i was unsure exactly what to do if someone stopped briefly, checked out the poster, didn't say anything, then kept walking. this uncertainty nearly prompted me to ask: "like what you see?" to one passerby who studied the poster for a particularly long time.


monday october 22

today i had an extensive dream about the restaurant 'taco del mar' right before i woke up. in the dream, i waited in line for a while, was trash talked by some punks in the line, made my 'usual' order from an employee who knew me by name (i have been there once in my life), and then received a special shot of alcohol in my soft drink. the dreamed experience was so pleasant (besides the trash talking) that later in the day, i decided to head over to the actual restaurant for a late-night snack. upon arriving, i discovered it had just closed for the day. life is not a dream.


sunday october 21

today i spent over two hours on the radio airwaves, providing 'colour commentary' for game 2 of the oua baseball finals, despite the fact that i had previously never watched a university baseball game in my life.

saturday october 20

today i was using adjacent urinals with a fellow pandemic patron when he began talking about how he was far too drunk to be about to dj. i awkwardly asked "which one are you?" and when he replied "vndlsm," i told him i liked his mixtape.


friday october 19

today i attempted to liven up the monotonous task of labeling endless boxes of books by intermittently pretending that i was missing my index finger, and not using it at all during the process. while it slowed my work down slightly, the overwhelming solidarity that i felt with the disabled made it a worthwhile experiment.

thursday october 18

today i awoke from an intensely real dream with tears on my face because i was convinced that a close friend had died.


wednesday october 17

today i elected to sleep on a couch that would scarcely be big enough to sleep a man half my size, simply because the prospect of unfolding and refolding a futon seemed overwhelming.


tuesday october 16

today i participated in my first official 'rehearsal' of any kind since i was in my high school band in the ninth grade (and even then, i think we referred to it as "band practice").


monday october 15

today i attempted to slice open the binding surrounding a pile of magazines with a knife, but the binding was resilient. i unsuccessfully made two quick attempts, and then missed with the third one, instead slicing part of my thumb and thumbnail. after stopping the bleeding, i switched to scissors, with more success.


sunday october 14

today i was handed a shot at a bar and immediately drank it without ever finding out what exactly it was. for all i know, i could have been drinking liquid rohypnol.

saturday october 13

today i looked, for the first time in a while, at the statistics for this blog's traffic, as provided by 'google analytics.' according to these stats, the site has received 147 visits via search engine keywords in the last month. the breakdown of these keywords reads as follows:

1. 'one thing i did today': 145
2. 'canada wonderland number of deaths at the park': 1
3. 'luke forehand': 1

i'm still unsure whether google analytics can be wholly trusted.


friday october 12

today i dreamed that i was playing mini golf with tiger woods, who, after being caught attempting to cheat, shot a double-bogey on the first hole.


thursday october 11

today i discovered, after four years at western, that each student is provided with webspace upon registering with the university. i then activated it and used it for the first time.


wednesday october 10

today i had, within the span of approximately 20 minutes, three separate people whose names i did not know approach me and tell me that either we'd met before or they knew who i was.


tuesday october 9

today i was riding the last 17-oxford west bus of the day towards downtown, along with two other people, when the driver suddenly killed all the lights in the bus and yelled "look outside!" outside there were four deer chilling on the grass just past the sidewalk.


monday october 8

today i visited my grandmother in the hospital. upon arriving, i had to lift a chair in the corner of the room over to a spot beside her bed, and, in doing so, knocked it against her i.v. and experienced a terrifying split second in which i thought i'd inadvertently euthanized her.


sunday october 7

today i traded phone numbers with a friend, primarily so that we could hang out more in hopes that it would increase his chances of his making an appearance in this very blog.


saturday october 6

today i received an excess of complimentary alexander keith's t-shirts, in celebration of his 212th birthday, simply for ordering his beer.


friday october 5

today i received the following voice mail on a cellphone number that i've given out to a scant few people:

"hello luke adams, my name is corey brooks. your number has been provided by chad burgess. my phone number is [866 phone number]. i'm not certain at this stage exactly to what level or extent you are associated with this matter. can you please return a call to me. better yet, if you can copy this message to chad to contact me. thank you very much, have a good day."

i have never heard of a chad burgess or corey brooks in my life.


thursday october 4

today i dreamed that i was on a basketball team. my team was playing a game that had just entered its fourth overtime! i'd been injured, or otherwise sidelined, for the last few overtime periods, and was excited to return for this one and propel my team to victory. it was at this point that i woke up. i quickly closed my eyes again and attempted to will myself back to sleep so that i could see how the game turned out, but to no avail.


wednesday october 3

today i agreed to act in a friend's play later this month, despite a history of stage fright, solely because the character i'm to play is described as "awkward" and "nervous" and i feel like i can bring these traits to the role naturally through 'method acting.'


tuesday october 2

today i saw two advertisements alongside one another on the bus. the first, an advertisement for continuing esl education, read: "want to learn english? we can help!" the second, a credit counseling advertisement that clearly hadn't taken the first up on its offer, read: "crunch your numbers not your dignity."


monday october 1

today i watched the best baseball game i've seen since october of 2004.


sunday september 30

today i turned down a social invitation i would otherwise have accepted because i've become so accustomed to a sunday routine of not showering and lounging around my home all day watching sports.