wednesday october 24

today i was about to get onto a bus holding my lone remaining bus ticket. as i stepped onto the bus, i thought about how unfortunate and embarrassing it would be if a gust of wind blew the ticket out of my hand and along the road -- with no change to spare and no extra ticket, i'd have to chase it! immediately after i thought this, my hand bumped against the side of the bus, knocking the ticket out of my hand and onto the bus floor. mortified at the possibility of the aforementioned scenario playing out, i quickly reached down and snatched it. in my rush, however, i didn't secure the ticket in my hand adequately, and as i went to put it in the ticket box, it fell out of my hand again. this prompted the bus driver to laugh and remark: "it just won't stay in your hand!!" while would-be passengers waited behind me to enter the bus.

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Anonymous said...

I love the lack of punchline in this one.