thursday november 29

today i was twice placed in positions where i debated picking something up off the ground. the first was on campus when i was walking outside and noticed a student card on the ground. the second was on the bus when i was sitting there on the ride home, and noticed, under the adjacent seat, a piece of paper covered in handwriting, potentially a really interesting note or something!! in both cases, i made the snap judgment that the effort would not be worth the potential reward, and ignored the fallen objects.


wednesday november 28

today i watched the following rap video:

the song is by birdman, featuring verses from rick ross, young jeezy, and lil' wayne, respectively. watching it made me wonder if the verses for rap songs like this one are organized in the same way that the legs of an olympian 4x100 relay team are. for instance, is lil' wayne given the last verse because he's the the 'anchor'? the 'donovan bailey' of the four (his performance in this particular song is surely not bailey-esque, but nonetheless)? does birdman consider himself the weakest of the four, hence his taking the second verse, or is he just being modest?

burning questions.


tuesday november 27

today i visited a (my?) periodontist for the second time ever. the first time i went, last october, the weather had turned cold for the first time of the fall, and i was left underdressed and waiting far too long for a bus that was supposed to arrive every 15 minutes. this time, i went prepared, wearing a sweater and winter jacket, but even still was relegated to the same situation! after just missing the bus, i walked to a bus shelter that was being hogged by a family, and had to endure a wind that must have been blowing at 200 miles per hour.


monday november 26

today i had an urge to listen to soundgarden's superunknown. while i hadn't listened to the album since approximately 2001, there were a good two years of my life where i considered it one of my "all-time favourites." i played it during a drive across the city in the evening, and was disappointed and a little surprised to find that the appeal of many of the songs i once considered awesome had diminished considerably, and i was left searching for the hook in, for instance, "fell on black days." a few, however, like the title track, still rocked pretty hard.


sunday november 25

today i became so invested in what was supposed to be a casual top five list of my all-time favourite episodes of the o.c. that i pulled out my dvds and watched four consecutive episodes.

saturday november 24

today i dreamed a conversation in which i joked and flirted with a recent acquaintance so extensively and comfortably that when i next talk to them in real life, i'll undoubtedly act like i know them better than i actually do.


friday november 23

today i implemented the concept of the nfl injury report into my social life (ie. listed as probable, questionable, doubtful, etc. for playing, or, in this case, going out). it immediately became my favourite 'sports = life' idea since a friend and i compared romantic relationship politics to baseball bullpens in the summer.


thursday november 22

today i ate three vitamin c supplement citrus candy drops because i had a sore throat and they were the only suitable replacements i could find in my house for cough lozenges.


wednesday november 21

today i played sonic the hedgehog 3 for the first time on a console in probably about a decade. my overwhelming inability to beat the final boss on launch base zone made me realize that i may never regain my middle school video game prowess.


tuesday november 20

today i was asked about two separate movies currently playing in theatres, and had never heard of either, despite my allegedly being a film major.


monday november 19

today i was walking in the neighbourhood around my house when i was suddenly overcome with a smell that i couldn't specifically identify, except to say that it smelled "like a mac's milk store."


sunday november 18

today i wore a hood for the entirety of my morning trip back home from downtown, even though it was rather balmy, for the sole purpose of hiding bed head the likes of which no one should ever expose in the public sphere.


saturday november 17

today i beeped so incessantly while being examined with a metal detector before entering a bar that eventually the bouncer just gave up, waved me in, and requested that i "please don't shoot up the place."


friday november 16

today i called a friend, and when the phone rang four or five times, assumed that they weren't answering and i was going to get a voice mail message. when the ringing ended and the voice on the other end of the phone said "hi," followed by a silence, i thought to myself, "what an odd voice mail message," before realizing that she had, in fact, answered the phone.


thursday november 15

today i was preparing to go on the radio, approximately eight minutes before the show was scheduled to begin. with both of my colleagues still conspicuously absent from the studio, i began to worry that they got held up and i'd be forced to quickly learn the soundboard controls and take over the half-hour show on my own. i was frantically attempting to think up topics of discussion to occupy the whole half hour when the other two walked in, with about seven minutes to spare.


wednesday november 14

today i was walking down the streets of toronto when i noticed a guy who bore a striking resemblance to dizzee rascal walking towards me. he seemed to be yelling something, and i tried not to make eye contact, for fear of being accosted, or at least trapped in an uncomfortable situation. as i got closer, however, i realized that he was wearing headphones and wasn't yelling, but rather was singing along to "crank dat soulja boy."

tuesday november 13

today i made my 365th entry in this blog. happy one year anniversary to myself!!

monday november 12

today i started an msn conversation with a friend, forgot what i was going to say by the time they replied, then by the end of the discussion, had agreed to go to toronto with them tomorrow.


sunday november 11

today i went into my mother's bookstore to work for a few hours. it was a sunday night and the store was closed, so i worked in peace by myself for some time, at the very back of the store. at around 10:00, i began to hear a noise in the background, loud enough that i heard it clearly even listening to music on my headphones! i walked to the front of the store and realized that they store's alarm was wailing loudly. unaware of the fact that the alarm resets itself at 10:00 and everyone needs to be out of the store, i naturally assumed that someone was breaking in, and ran towards the front door, adrenaline pumping. after turning off the alarm, and doing an apprehensive (but comprehensive) sweep of the store, i returned to work, now unable to enjoy the siren-like noises and effects in the knife's deep cuts like i previously had been.


saturday november 10

today i prepared my breakfast; i decided to have a bowl of cereal, a yogurt, and a raspberry pop tart. in the process of pouring the cereal, getting the milk out, grabbing a spoon, and all the rest, i completely forgot about the pop tart in the toaster. two hours later, passing by the kitchen, i noticed it sitting in the toaster, toasted to a crisp, though now cold. i ate it anyway.


friday november 9

today i went out for dinner with my grandparents. halfway through the meal, after commenting on the abnormally well behaved toddler at an adjacent table, my normally exceedingly polite and complimentary grandfather, noticing the toddler's overweight parents, exclaimed: "that kid's got a pretty good chance of being obese."


thursday november 8

today i wore my brand new winter coat for the first time. i'd had it on most of the day and was feeling pretty good about it, when, at approximately 5:45 pm, i noticed that the price tag was still attached to the back.


wednesday november 7

today i downloaded the new cam'ron mixtape. the files i downloaded were regrettably not sorted by track number, leaving me to figure out myself which of the two "intro" tracks belonged on disc 1 and which belonged on disc 2. i spent upwards of 10 minutes attempting to determine this.


tuesday november 6

today i ate pizza as one of my primary meals for the fourth consecutive day.

monday november 5

today i got on a bus to go home and held up my transfer for the driver to see. generally, i wait until i get some sort of nod or "yep" or other affirmative action before i tuck it away and head to the back of the bus -- at least eye contact! this time, however, the driver was looking in the other direction, and didn't even glance at my outstretched transfer even though i hesitated an extra second. instead, she said "didn't i just drop you off?" to, i assumed, the guy who got on the bus ahead of me. when he sat down without acknowledging her inquiry, i began to become increasingly convinced that the question was directed to me, hence the lack of interest in my transfer. for the record, my answer would have been: "no."

sunday november 4

today i engaged in a debate about the relative derogation of words such as 'bitch' and 'nigga.'


saturday november 3

today i spent money to see a show headlined by a band that i walked out early on, when i last saw them. i left halfway through their set again.


friday november 2

today i applied a skin cream to a couple of fingers on my left hand, where i've been experiencing some irritation. the cream is meant to be applied twice a day. approximately five minutes after doing this, i absentmindedly washed my hands, leaving me to wonder whether it would throw the whole cycle out of whack if: (a) i reapplied the cream, or (b) if i didn't.


thursday november 1

today i had an appointment with the eye doctor; the optometrist. though i felt entirely confident in my eyesight, despite having not visited the optometrist since 1997, i began to feel nervous in the minutes leading up to the eye exam. when the check-up itself began and the doctor began shining bright lights into my eyes, i found myself blinking incessantly, unable to stop, and worried that there was something fatally wrong with me. 15 minutes later, i found out that my eyesight is just as good as it was in 1997. whew!


wednesday october 31

today i left call the office briefly to visit a nearby atm to grab some money. on my way from the bar to the bank, i passed by a couple in the throes of anger. "you fucking cheated on me! my dad was dying and i needed you!" screamed the girl, pinning her partner against the outer wall of a building. pretending not to notice, i went about my business, walking up the block to the bank and gettin' that paper. on my walk back, i glanced towards the building to see if they were still there, and, sure enough, there they were, hugging and seemingly reconciled! halloween happy endings!