thursday november 29

today i was twice placed in positions where i debated picking something up off the ground. the first was on campus when i was walking outside and noticed a student card on the ground. the second was on the bus when i was sitting there on the ride home, and noticed, under the adjacent seat, a piece of paper covered in handwriting, potentially a really interesting note or something!! in both cases, i made the snap judgment that the effort would not be worth the potential reward, and ignored the fallen objects.


openedbycustoms said...

Found Magazine would not be proud, luke.

In fact, NEITHER AM I.

luke said...

i'm not saying i'm proud of my decisions. just telling it like it happened.

Meg said...

That's awful! I bet someone had to pay for another one and could have been unable to even board the bus. So terrible.

Hopefully there are other good samaritans.