tuesday november 27

today i visited a (my?) periodontist for the second time ever. the first time i went, last october, the weather had turned cold for the first time of the fall, and i was left underdressed and waiting far too long for a bus that was supposed to arrive every 15 minutes. this time, i went prepared, wearing a sweater and winter jacket, but even still was relegated to the same situation! after just missing the bus, i walked to a bus shelter that was being hogged by a family, and had to endure a wind that must have been blowing at 200 miles per hour.


erin said...

do you like that i think it's necessary to comment on every post? as if 'awwww' adds something to what you said?

caltrav said...

hahaha "hogged by a family"
get that toddler out in the STREETS.