tuesday january 29

today i listened to my parents discuss the health issues that our dog, jessie is having. she had been diagnosed with anemia, which my mother misidentified as amnesia, leading to my wondering what a dog with amnesia would be like. would it be the type of amnesia where she remembers nothing, not even her own name? or would it be the kind of thing that the guy in memento had, where she can't remember what she did five minutes ago. like, if she just came inside after relieving herself outside, would she be back at the door five minutes later, wanting to go back out? would she have one nap after the other, unaware that she just woke up from one? because jessie seems to do all of these things anyway.


openedbycustoms said...

Dogzheimer's. My old Burley had it too.

Sidenote: I thought I was about to be diagnosed with anemia last week, but apparently I'm alright. Just the one crippling disease for me, then.

erin said...