tuesday march 18

today i was moving up a little closer to the stage at a tokyo police club show, minutes before they started playing, when an uppity trick tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that i couldn't stand where i was. "oh how come?" i asked amicably, to which she replied that that was her space, so i ought to either keep moving up or move back to where i came from. in retrospect, i wish i'd responded with a retort like "yo personal space just got isself a new tenant, girl," but in actuality i smiled and nodded, turned back around, and continued to stand there.


Anonymous said...

oh my god, what is that!? HER space!? What grade is that from!?

Meg said...

Bahahaha, uppity trick?! Hilarious.

Also, I HATE it when the best comments are found after the incident, and always way too late to say anything. Worst feeling ever.

luke said...

in her defense (i guess), she may have meant that she had friends who would be back any minute to stand there. it wasn't really clear.

but i mean. still.