monday april 7

today i was depositing some cheques and withdrawing some cash at a td bank machine. the process, of course, required a lot of button-pushing and i was getting pretty quick on the draw. when one yes-or-no question came up, however, i pushed 'yes' and nothing seemed to happen, except that the machine made a slight humming noise. suddenly, it began to beep loudly and incessantly, as if something had gone wrong. i nervously looked around to see if anyone else had witnessed me breaking the machine, and was beginning to wonder if i was going to have to go inside to ask for help to excavate my bank card. all of the sudden, the machine spit out my card and came up with a message indicating i'd taken too long to choose yes or no, and it had timed out. apparently i'd been a little too quick on the draw and made my 'yes' click before the machine was ready.

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