saturday april 26

today i pulled into the ben thanh parking lot downtown, looking for a spot to park, and was disappointed to find it entirely full. i drove about halfway through the lot when suddenly a car in my rear-view mirror started to pull out of its corner space. relieved, i kept driving through the lot, intending to claim the spot on my second time around the lot. to my dismay, just as i was approaching the lot's entrance, another car pulled in right ahead of me and began driving in the direction of the lone free space. i continued driving, practically tailgating this newcomer, hoping to force the driver to rush their decision-making process with me on their tail, perhaps forcing them to miss spotting the already hard-to-see parking space in the corner. amazingly, this was exactly what happened, as they coasted right past the empty space, leaving it all to me, karmic retribution from the parking gods!!

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