monday may 12

today i taught myself how to play backgammon, for no particular reason. i don't even have a board.

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JDK said...

This is the best post on this blog yet. It is simultaneously poignant, sad, and uplifting. Four stars.

Also: What do you think of the new Weezer, or, at least the leaked eight tracks? I think "Troublemaker" and "Pork And Beans" are hot singles, but the rest is either good-but-weird ("Heart Songs" and "Dreamin'") or very not-Weezer (songs not sung by Rivers) or just filler. Kind of like every Weezer album since Green, really; see Maladroit's really-weak ending tracks, etc.

But I'm very much into the new Wolf Parade. After two Sunset Rubdown records I want to hear Spencer Krug rock out. It doesn't have anything near the caliber of "I'll Believe In Anything," but it has some fun tracks and it's pretty consistent.