monday may 5

today i opened the cupboard door to the garbage can in my kitchen, intending to throw something out. as soon as i flung the door open, however, i was met by ants. ants everywhere, crawling around the garbage can and, especially, in the garbage can. i quickly pulled out the garbage bag, tied it up, and did a bit of a godzilla routine on the ants that attempted to scurry away. this display of serial insect killing got me thinking about how i felt morally about ending a life, even if it was just an ant's, and inspired me to write an entry on it in my OTHER BLOG.

(this is a crossover blog entry, like tv shows sometimes do. remember when george clooney and noah wyle showed up on an episode of friends, playing doctors? yeah, like that.)


leslie said...

"On November 7, 1997, Salem from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch appeared on all four shows in the TGIF lineup and caused the characters in each show to travel back to a different point in time. The former four TGIF lineup episodes were non-canonical because supernatural did not exist in those programs."

erin said...

cool leslie!!