tuesday may 13

today i bought a six-pack of beer at the lcbo in cherryhill mall and made my way over to the nearby td bank from there. as i approached the entrance, a van covered with the logos of local christian radio station 'grace fm' parked in the spot right by the door and a man with a cane and noticeable limp got out. not wanting to be that guy that blew by the disabled christian radio employee with a six-pack and an urgent need for cash, i patiently waited as he walked up the steps ahead of me. as he went to open the door, i jumped in front of him, attempting to be EXTRA polite and open the door for him, however, as is typically the case, one of the two side-by-side doors to the building was locked; i happened to pick that one, and was stymied. he casually opened the correct, unlocked door on his own, and what was meant to be a helping hand on my part ended up looking like i was trying to sneak in ahead of him at the last second by using the door that he wasn't. all of my consideration for naught.

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