friday july 18

today i arrived home from work to find my newly-ordered macbook awaiting me. excitedly, i opened it up and began setting it up and attempting to figure out how to use it. having used computers all my life, i anticipated that i'd learn its nuances in about two seconds, and was slightly discouraged when, by the end of the night, i'd still barely learned how to navigate between multiple windows. apparently i need some sort of comprehensive how-to guide to figure out macs.


luisa said...

i just got a new mac, too. are you talking about navigating between different "spaces"? because yes - it is DEFINITELY NOT INTUITIVE, LIKE EVERYBODY CLAIMS IT IS!

luke said...

well just the whole process of what programs do when you minimize and close (but not REALLY close) them, and the dock and everything..... i think i understand it all now!