monday july 28

today i watched as a bus pulled up to the temporary stop at queens and richmond. the 'stop' practically takes up half the block, which always makes it a guessing game, figuring out where the bus will actually pull up. in this case, the bus drove past most of the people waiting and stopped right at the intersection. a man who had been waiting for this bus and seemed significantly physically handicapped had been standing further up the block and now slowly tried to limp towards where the bus was unloading and loading passengers. he did not, however, make it there quickly enough, and the bus pulled away as he yelled at it out in frustration, still a good 20 or 25 feet from making it to the door. though presumably unintentional, this display was perhaps the most stunningly cruel i've witnessed in my ten years of taking and observing london transit.


Anonymous said...

:( I don't understand the conscience of a bus driver. I refuse to as well, they simply terrible. All of them.

Stuart A. Thompson said...

One of the younger drivers always cracks jokes and, if a bit awkward, at least he tries.

But really do these drivers put the blinders on or what!