sunday july 13

today i went to the beach at port franks for the afternoon. on our way out, we decided that a drink and some food (maybe nachos?) would be a nice thing, so we stopped at the nearby bar and grill, 'christine's.' what we witnessed here was a surreal scene that erin suggested was straight out of a mighty wind. a band of middle-agers plowed through folk covers of mostly old, mostly campy songs, while the patio crowd (who all seemed to know one another) ate it up. children danced. adults danced. the band exchanged banter that seemed scripted ("okay, we're going to let the pretty one sing this next song," one member announces, speaking, of course, of the lone woman in the group; "but i just sang one!" interjects one of the other male members; laughs abound). personal space was eschewed in favour of group camaraderie, as adults and children alike sat next to me at our table, which was admittedly prime real estate for a good view of the band.

the following poster, depicting this band, was hung above the sink in the men's washroom of christine's. it is now sitting on my desk:

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the most important thing to note here is that the poster advertises for a date so far in the future, indicating that this is a band whose performances ought to be preceded by months of hype and anticipation.

the entire experience was one of the highlights of my summer to date.


Finn said...

I'm really glad that your blog isn't called "One thing I did not do today" because every update would be "write for champions" and it would be very boring and repetitive.


erin said...

also, this was maybe the most involved/complicated entry ever! jpg! wtf? imagine you had hyperlinked my name? zooomfg brain explosion!

luke said...

tomorrow, finn, i swear.

also: devoted one thing i did today readers will recognize that this is only the second entry ever which includes an image. i always mean to have more.

tammy said...

I cannot believe you went to Port Franks without me. Kind of pissed, actually. That is our place!

Stuart A. Thompson said...


what a picture!