sunday july 6

today i experienced my lowest point of the weekend while browsing electronics boutique at the mall for potentially fun multiplayer gamecube games to bring with me when i move. i happened upon a used copy of mario kart: double dash!!, the one i'd secretly been hoping to find, only to take it to the counter to purchase and being told that, while the box is indeed available on the display, the game itself is missing. tony hawk's pro skater 4 was a sad consolation prize.


Meg said...

Seriously Luke, EVERYONE calls it EB Games. So silly.

luke said...

i hang on to the past.

tammy said...

if you had called it "EB Games" i wouldn't have known what you meant

Nick said...

Double Dash is without question the best Gamecube game ever. Get it.

Also thanks for this blog. I don't follow it daily but every couple months or so I come back to see what I've missed.

Reliably hilarious.