tuesday july 15

today i woke up after a surprise night of drinking, unable to remember post-bar events. since i'd gone out directly from work, having left my work clothes in a backpack at a friend's house before going to the bar, i became convinced that i didn't bring this bag home. while this would normally be no big deal, my only pair of dress shoes was in the backpack. as such, i spent the duration of my early-morning shower concernedly worrying about what i was going to wear to work on my feet, or if i'd have enough time to make it downtown before work to pick up the shoes. when i finally got out of the shower, my stress was heavily alleviated, as i noticed my backpack sitting just inside the front door. while i, of course, had brought it home myself, my complete lack of memory made it seem as if some sort of guardian angel had returned it for me overnight.

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