saturday august 9

today i secured a place to live in toronto; the lease begins september 1. the day is coming when those hoping for charming tales about the london transit system will have to visit some other blog.


maria said...

yayyy excited for you to move here, finally

Stuart A. Thompson said...

you've probably posted about all this, but why are you in toronto now? im sorry for not know more about your life even though I am a devoted reader.

luke said...

i'm starting a radio broadcasting program at humber in january. so i'm sticking around london a little bit into the fall but moving to toronto by october or november.

Burcu said...

This depresses me! Who else will share their woes over the sheer stupidity that is the LTC :(
Scrabble before you leave, for real this time!

Stephanie said...

yay, i'm excited.
it'll be like the old days.
i miss you!