thursday august 21

today i parked at a campus parking lot for my radio show, arriving at about 5:30 and paying for an hour's worth of parking. although our show runs until 6:30 and my validation was only good until 6:31, i was confident that i'd be down quickly enough to only be a couple minutes late, and there was no chance i'd be so unlucky to get a ticket in those two minutes. after the show ended, we spent an extra couple minutes at the station saying goodbyes (it was the last show my two friends would do) and, as were leaving, i joked that we couldn't be wasting any time, i only had until 6:31. about one minute after i made this joke (approximately 6:34 now), my car came into view, and i noticed two parking attendants inspecting the dashboard. i burst into a run and, at the last second, was able to get their attention and avoid being ticketed, now having learned never to take even those extra two minutes for granted. they're like hawks.


Anonymous said...

I thought parking on campus was free after 6!

Stuart A. Thompson said...


luke said...

i considered that. i mean i guess if you consider the car 'dead' once your time runs out?? hawks are really good at seeing things though right?

luke adams, bird expert.