friday september 26

today i drove over to white oaks mall on my lunch break, intending to make a quick purchase at h&m. within two minutes, i found what i wanted, and began walking over to the checkout counter. when i'd almost reached the counter, i noticed that there were no employees behind it. i lingered in the area for a few seconds, glancing around to see if anyone would come over; no one did. unsure of exactly what to do (whether to just keep standing there until someone noticed, or whether there was a bell i could ding, or what), i feigned interest in a display bin in that section, then slowly walked back to the men's section. knowing i was in no rush, with plenty of time to spare, i looked at clothes there for the next six minutes, until another customer made their way to the checkout counter, drawing an employee. at this point, i slipped into line, pretending that now i'd seen all i wanted to.

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