monday september 29

today i went to the central library to pick up a dvd i had on hold there. upon entering, i walked over to the hold shelf, and was troubled to see that my item wasn't there. given that it was supposed to be held until tuesday, i immediately assumed that some jerk who'd wanted to watch the film so badly that he just couldn't wait had somehow finagled it out of my name. this resulted in my angrily fuming to myself that they shouldn't just put awesome dvds out in the open for anyone to potentially nab. before leaving, however, i checked the catalogue and saw that the hold was still in place. grudgingly, i asked about it at the information desk and was told that dvds were, in fact, held behind the front checkout desk. with combined embarrassment and relief, i went to the counter and secured my dvd.

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tammy said...

what movie was it