thursday september 11

today i got off work at 5:00 and began driving across the city to campus to host my radio show. i talked to my radio partner and confidently assured him i'd be there by 5:30, to prepare for the 6:00 show. i then began a drive down wharncliffe road that lasted 50 minutes, including 30 minutes to get from horton to oxford. while approaching oxford, i began to panic slightly, knowing that i was the only one of us who knew how the control board functioned, and that a sports discussion show with one person was pretty hard to pull off. as i began running through all the potential solutions for what could happen if i didn't make it on time, i passed through oxford and all of the sudden the traffic cleared up entirely, as if it was just a normal street again!! the rest of the trip took approximately four minutes, and i made it into the studio with plenty of time (five minutes) to spare.

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