tuesday september 2

today i was the only one home when a friend of my mother's arrived at our house to stay overnight. as such, i was left with the responsibility of being the welcome wagon and directing her to her room and such. upon taking her suitcase up to the guest room, i flicked the light switch, and nothing happened. having prepared the room during the day, we hadn't noticed that the light bulb had burnt out. our guest still hanging out downstairs, attempting to pick up our wireless connection, i quickly slipped down the hall to my brother's bedroom. he had just left for france, and wouldn't be needing his lightbulb. i unscrewed it and headed back to the guest room, pleased with myself for thinking quickly and problem solving. unfortunately, when i went to change the bulb on the ceiling, i found that simply standing on a chair did not give me enough height -- i needed some sort of LADDER. at this point, the whole procedure seemed like a lot of unnecessary work. i returned my brother's light bulb, turned on the guest room's bedside lamp and went back to watching 90210.

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