friday october 3

today i was at work when a co-worker from the next-door cubicle handed me a couple of birthday cards to sign -- one for a co-worker i knew, and the other for one that i didn't. they'd originally gone around, i assumed, while i was away sick last week, as only about 4 or 5 people of the 25+ in the office had yet to sign them. not knowing where any of these people sat, or, really, who any of them were, i took the cards to our reception desk to let them handle things. in the midst of explaining myself and handing the cards to the receptionist, whose name i also didn't know (in my defense, we have a rotation of like three or four receptionists), i became briefly panicked that the birthday card i'd signed for the unknown co-worker was, in fact, hers. the realization of this very real possibility made me stumble over the last bit of my spiel, though i'd already gotten too far into it to back out. fortunately, judging by her lack of reaction, i think i was okay.

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