tuesday september 30

today i got off the bus after work in the pouring rain. my next-door neighbour, an older woman, often takes the same bus as me at the end of the day, and usually her husband picks her up from the bus stop and drives her home, even though the walk is only three or four minutes. while i'm not lazy enough to wish that this would happen for me every day, in this instance i was definitely daydreaming about how nice it would be to get out of the rain -- i had an umbrella, but it's rather small, and my work clothes were still getting splashed and wet. just as i was thinking about this, i noticed my father's car driving up the street. it was like something out of a movie, where the dramatic music swells as the protagonist's fantasy comes true. it was, however, dampened somewhat when he waved and then drove past me, as i realized he was on his way out elsewhere.

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