friday december 26

today i was walking down the street at about 10:30ish pm in the rain, to catch a bus downtown. when i was still about one minute from making it to the stop where the bus sat, just across the street, it put on its blinker and began to pull away. a second later, however, it stopped! realizing that i was the only person or car in sight, and that the driver must have seen my wet, pathetic figure in his rear view mirror, i broke into a run, nearly wiping out in epic fashion twice on the ice before making it to the bus. upon entering, i was informed by the driver that he had to leave a few minutes early because the sunday/holiday schedule was in effect. i thanked him for stopping for me, and, after sitting down, realized how lucky i'd been -- had i missed this bus, not knowing that that schedule was in effect, i likely would've shrugged and waited for the next one, which never would've come, since the schedule ends early on holidays. a christmas miracle!!

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