saturday december 6

today i presented the second installment of the aforementioned "another thing i did on these days" feature. it still doesn't have a better name than that.

tuesday november 25
today i walked into my neighbourhood shoppers drug mart to buy bread and milk. i headed over to the milk section and noticed that polaris prize nominated musician basia bulat was buying milk next to me. though i'd had a class or two with her at western and met her multiple times before, i had no idea if she'd remember who i was, and froze up, unsure of whether to say anything or not. over the course of the next few minutes, we made eye contact, then waited next to one another in the checkout line, while i continued to say nothing the entire time. it was awkward. i don't think she noticed.

friday november 28
today i was standing in line in the lcbo when i heard a discussion from a group behind me, about the appeal of celebrity-endorsed wines. the conversation seemed to mostly come to an end when one girl loudly declared "like my mom needs ANOTHER excuse to be a wino!"

wednesday december 3
today i accidentally sent a text to the wrong person for the third time (to the third different wrong person) since buying my new cell phone, a little more than a month ago. the phone is making me so nervous that i now intend, whenever i remember, to click on 'add recipient' at the end of the message to be 100% sure i have the right name checked off, rather than just clicking 'send.'

friday december 5
today i was walking by myself to a nearby pizza pizza shortly after 1:00 am. along the way, a large group of teenagers -- about 25 maybe -- were taking up most of the majority of the sidewalk space outside one building (not even a bar!), making me slightly nervous, in light of recent incidents in the area. when i was almost past them all, one girl called in my direction: "excuse me, sir. sir??" i pretended not to hear and power-walked my way through to the other side.

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