friday january 2

today i was, regrettably, forced to dip back into the "another thing i did on these days" well early, as my actual day consisted entirely of lounging around, feeling sick and sorry for myself.

sunday december 28
today i wore, for the first time, my new pair of jeans that i'd received for christmas. the jeans i'd asked for were the exact same style, size, and brand as my already existing favourite pair, meaning that even though it was my first time wearing them, it felt entirely familiar. it was wonderful.

tuesday december 30
today i went to my local lcbo to buy some drinks. i brought a previously-used lcbo bag with me, remembering an incident in which the grumpy female cashier there had looked unimpressed when i said i needed a new bag. this time around, she was the only cashier working, so i was excited about the prospect of impressing her with my preparation and turning that frown upside down. after barely acknowledging my bag, however, she lectured me to "watch the bottom" of it, to make sure nothing fell out. one of these days, i'll get her approval.

wednesday december 31
today i had a nightmare in which i suddenly realized that my last 10 or so 'one thing i did today' entries began with something besides "today i" and that i had to go back and edit them all before anyone noticed.

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