monday march 30

today i was listening to my ipod on the bus and, always trying to be prepared, i was browsing through my songs, trying to find the next album i wanted to listen to, since there were only a couple songs left that i wanted to hear on the current one. i settled on an album, and felt good about the choice. not to mention feeling good about the fact that i'd be able to click 'menu' two songs later and immediately be at the song i wanted to hear. a few seconds later, however, it occurred to me that i didn't want to hear track one on this new album, but that i'd rather start at a later track. i flicked at the ipod wheel to navigate to the end of the album, but at the exact instant my finger rolled over the wheel, the tracklist menu disappeared and returned to the default ipod display. instead of scrolling through the tracklist, then, i ended up turning lil' wayne's "who wanna" to maximum volume and giving myself a minor heart attack.

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Bianca said...

Mini iPod heartbreaks...they happen every day.