monday march 9

today i resorted to "another thing i did on these days":

sunday february 22
today i went to the record store soundscapes to pick up some concert tickets. needing to pay in cash, and not having a clear idea of where the closest banks were, i walked in the opposite direction to start, to a nearby bank (cibc) that wasn't even my own (td). i then walked to soundscapes, and approximately two minutes before arriving there, passed a td that would've been perfectly located for me. this all took place during the only half-hour of the day that was a snowstorm.

thursday march 5
today i arrived back in london for the weekend. with my parents in europe, i had their home to myself, and initially found it hard to adjust to being on my own in the large house. over the course of my first few hours there, i saw a vcr randomly turn on and begin taping a program at a random time (5:13 pm), a light turn itself on, and a myriad of odd noises coming from between floors when i turned on the washing machine.

friday march 6
today i purchased a hot dog from the new york fries concession at silver city while waiting in line for the watchmen. when i returned to the line, i asked who was ready to watch "the weener machiner in action."

sunday march 8
today i spent approximately 20 minutes with friends trying to figure out where we should go for dinner. when we eventually decided, we went to just about the furthest away of all our options, then complained, insulted, and made jokes about it throughout the entire meal.

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