thursday march 19

today i brought my laptop to school in order to run a powerpoint file from it, for an in-class presentation. before coming to school, it occurred to me that, with my computer screen being projected on a wall in front of the class for all to see, i wouldn't want anything embarrassing to be visible. only needing to use powerpoint, however, and not needing to get on the internet, i figured that i was in the clear. the presenter before me, however, couldn't connect to the internet with his computer, so when i went up to present, he asked if he could use mine, which was having no internet issues. this meant that the class would see my firefox bookmarks toolbar -- the bar along the top of the browser where i put the sites that i'm visiting all the time. thankfully, when i hooked it up to the projector, the screen resolution automatically adjusted, meaning that only about two-thirds of my go-to bookmarks were actually visible. while there were still one or two embarrassing ones in the mix, i was very thankful that the screen's resizing had pushed 'okcupid' out of the window.

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