wednesday april 22

today i went to the campus production studio to complete my production exam. when i arrived, one of my classmates was already in the studio with our teacher, being tested, so i waited my turn outside the door. a few minutes later, another classmate arrived and lined up behind me. "is someone already in there?" she asked. "yeah," i replied, adding: "he's been in there for a while though... kind of worrisome." we chuckled and she said something indecipherable to which i chuckled again in response. two or three seconds later, i realized that she'd said "how long does it take to hide a body?" which was really hilarious. this posed the problem of whether i should add a bigger laugh, acknowledging the hilarity, despite it being far too late by this point, or whether i should just forget it, not giving her an appropriate laugh for a great line. i ended up attempting to split the difference, adding another small chuckle, as if i was still recognizing the joke a few seconds after the fact.

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