monday may 18

today i got on a greyhound bus to head back to toronto from london. by the time i got onto the bus, only aisle seats were available. i followed the couple in front of me in line about halfway through the bus, at which point they asked someone in a window seat if she'd mind moving across the aisle so that the couple could sit together. the window-sitter obliged, but the process took about 20 seconds, with all the luggage moving and organizing. during this time, i stood uncomfortably behind them, waiting to get by, and wishing i'd just taken a seat closer to the front. at this point, since i was staring at the back few rows, waiting to take my seat there, i figured that whoever i eventually sat beside would assume that i'd picked them out specifically, following this extra 20 seconds of study time. when the couple finally got seated, i immediately sat down in the row behind them, trying to avoid eye contact with the guy i sat next to.

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