thursday may 7

today i was eating a bowl of honey nut cheerios, which i've long referred to as not only my favourite cereal, but one of my favourite foods overall. while halfway through the bowl, i had a stunning realization: i'd enjoyed the apple cinnamon cheerios that i'd bought a week earlier (they were on sale) more than i was currently enjoying the honey nut cheerios. my favourite cereals list, turned upside down!!


tammy said...

yeah, apple cinnamon is way better!

Saffron said...

yeah i had that same realization once. then i forgot about it. thanks for the reminder. why arent you blogging about being surrounded in pictures of me? (in my pseudo house/home(?)) ill blog about you. here ill do it right now.

Dan said...

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is better than BOTH of those cereals!