tuesday may 26

today i had set up an interview with someone from the fan 590. i originally called him before the cavs/magic game started in the evening in the hopes of finishing up our talk early so that i could watch the game. he wasn't ready at that point though, and suggested we do it a couple hours later. a couple hours later, the game was coming down to the wire, but i had to get the interview done; i tried calling him as soon as the game went to timeout with six minutes left, but no luck. a few minutes later though, he called back and we began the interview. over the course of our conversation, the last three minutes or so of the game wound down, as i tried to simultaneously keep track of what was going on and pay attention to what he was saying in response to my questions. thankfully, when we finished talking and i got off the phone, the basketball game had gone into overtime, and i was still able to see the ending. win-win!!

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Anonymous said...

are you out of your vulcan mind?
sorry i just watched star trek