wednesday june 10

today i received an e-mail from the instructor of one of my classes. i had missed his class earlier in the week and sent him an e-mail explaining why. later, i heard from classmates that the class had been especially harsh, as he laid into many people's recorded assignments; there were even a few tears. when i got his e-mail, it read as follows: "attached are my notes and marks on your two assignments. this is being e mailed because you weren't in class on tuesday. good work!" upon seeing that there was nothing attached to the e-mail, my first reaction was to assume that he'd just forgotten to attach the file. the story of the in-class criticism, though, made me slightly worried that my assignment fell so short of his standards that the entire e-mail was a sarcastic jab at how bad it was, and that his not attaching any files was the cruel punchline, suggesting a mark of 0.

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