tuesday august 4

today i delivered a little mini-speech in class about my experience at the pitchfork festival in chicago last month. at the end of my spiel, a classmate asked what the best band i'd seen over the course of the weekend was. my first thought was to tell the truth and say that i'd really loved the japandroids' set. this thought, however, was immediately erased by the concern that no one would have heard of japandroids, and that i'd look like a pretentious jerk. thinking fast, i decided to tell the class instead about the flaming lips, a more well known band. the only problem was that the flaming lips' set was perhaps my least favourite at the festival, and i didn't want to do wayne coyne and company the favour of saying that i actually enjoyed them. this led to my answering the question about my favourite band of the weekend by disjointedly replying: "the flaming lips.... put on.... an interesting show."


Amanda said...

Tuesday August 4:
Today I saw Luke craft his Thing I Did Today entry right in front of me. It was poetry in motion.

Jack said...

Completely agree. I timed Coyne's rants and they took up half the set. And what an asshole for reneging on the promise of Write The Night.

Japandroids and The National were my favorite bands by far. Japandroids brought the energy, even though their live songs sound a lot like the record - in a good way. The National decided to add a huge rock-out on every song, which was a huge plus, so that Matt Bernginger could meander around stage and clap off-beat and look drunk from even three hundred feet away.

Xave said...

Hey Luke, did you/are you planning on doing a longer write-up of Pitchfork at any point? Would love to read that. Japandroids were in San Francisco when I was visiting my parents there, but they had a full schedule planned for me (which also meant seeing the Giants on Thursday, instead of seeing Lincecum on Saturday, but I'm not complaining)

luke said...

dave: my most recent facebook note ("bands i saw this weekend") goes into about as much detail as i'm planning on going into. i explain extensively there why i wasn't a fan of the flaming lips' set, for instance.

p.s. what up colombia.