monday august 31

today i presented another installment of "another thing i did on these days."

friday august 14
today i went to campus, completed an assignment, came home, took my laundry to the laundromat, and washed and dried it. when i returned home from the laundromat, one of my roommates was just waking up. it made me feel more productive than i had in months.

thursday august 20
today i had my last class, ever.

tuesday august 25
today i passed by boom, a brunch/lunch restaurant on college. a large banner was hung outside the building, welcoming the 2009 "miss teen canada contestants." this led to my spending the next couple minutes of my walk along college wondering how old exactly these "teen" competitors would be and debating whether or not it would be creepy to walk past boom slowly on my way back to see if any of them were in there right now.

thursday august 27
today i felt my phone vibrate and realized i was getting a phone call. i looked at the call display, which read: "insta tax corp." groaning, i assumed i was being called by some sort of telemarketer and debated letting it just go to voice mail. not wanting to deal with having to listen to a voice message though, i picked it up and half-heartedly said "hello?" the female voice on the other end mumbled something i couldn't hear, prompting me to repeat my "hello?" in a more aggravated way and debate hanging up. "hey, just a sec," the voice said again, and i suddenly realized that it wasn't a telemarketer but an actual friend, putting me in a much better mood.

sunday august 30
today i watched as my roommates, surely influenced by my incessant recent talk about thai food, placed an order from the exact same restaurant that i had the previous two days. when the delivery guy came, he asked if he'd been to our house the day before, finally calling us out for being stuck in a rut.

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