thursday september 10

today i called our landlord to arrange a plumber to come by our house after the toilet broke. the landlord vaguely told me that the plumber would be by sometime "by the evening" (it was noonish) and indicated that she might come with him. since we've had a fugitive cat in our supposed no-pets apartment for a year, i had to hide any sign of him, just in case she did happen to stop in. when the doorbell rang a couple hours later, i grabbed digby and ran upstairs with him, throwing him into an empty bedroom, much to his consternation. i ran back downstairs and answered the door, only to find the plumber by himself. he then proceeded to spend approximately 90 seconds in the house, rendering most of my efforts fairly unnecessary.


Leslie said...

Oh, but I so appreciated it.

Amanda said...

Just so you know, your landlord can't do anything about Digby, provided he hasn't caused property damage or infringed upon other tenants' wellbeing (as in, affecting allergies or being considered a dangerous animal). In fact, any no-pets clause in a lease is considered void. You've mentioned a few times how you're on high alert about that sort of thing, so rest easy.

Torontoist covered this in June: http://torontoist.com/2009/06/no_pets_allowed.php

She really can't do anything about him being there, unless he's taken to punching holes in walls. That does seem like it could be his style though. Digby's such a badass.

Leslie said...

We just want to make sure we stay in her good books! She's one scary landlord.