wednesday september 16

today i took the greyhound bus home to london. while waiting in line in toronto to board the bus, i was chatted up by an elderly woman whose ability to talk incessantly inspired me to want to check the time every 30 seconds to see how much longer i'd be stuck with her. after discussing my t-shirt, foreign languages, and how many inuit words there were for "snow," we were finally ushered onto the bus. upon boarding, i immediately made a beeline for the back seats, a spot i normally avoid (just to play it safe), terrified that she'd want to keep talking, but rightly assuming that she'd sit near the front. at one point later in the ride, she walked from her seat at the front of the bus to the bathroom at the back and talked to four people along the way. i pretended to be asleep.

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Martha said...

why is it that all the talkative people take the bus?
one time i took out my Ipod and ended up putting one headphone in and adjusting the volume so i barely heard the music anyways, just because i thought the old broad would think i was being rude.